BanaBay breaks into tough New Zealand market

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BanaBay New Zealand

Ecuadorian banana brand BanaBay has broken into the tough New Zealand market by offering premium quality produce supported by a direct sourcing package to one of the country’s biggest retail chains, Countdown.

BanaBay, which supplies the Woolworth owned chain’s 161 stores, started out on a trial basis shipping one container a week in October 2013 and now supplies 4 containers of bananas a week to the retailer.

Sealing the deal was the positive response of shoppers to the distinctive look and taste of BanaBay bananas. Once displayed on the shelves alongside other banana brands, shoppers voted with their baskets and reached for the BanaBay bananas in preference to the other alternatives, confirming Countdown’s decision to stock the new brand.

BanaBay New Zealand

Maintaining a clear line of communication with the customer while being flexible and responsive, BanaBay was able to turn a trial into an ongoing contract which encompassed competitive pricing alongside consistent quality and continuity of supply.

Having established the customer relationship with Countdown, BanaBay’s next move is to test run the newest addition to the portfolio BanaBay Pineapples, next in line to bananas as one of the world’s most popular fruits.

The MD2 Golden variety pineapples which have Global GAP accreditation are grown on plantations adjacent to the bananas and once again BanaBay can promise all the advantages of direct sourcing to specify size, colour, brix and acidity as well as to guarantee consistency and continuity of supply.

A trial container of BanaBay pineapples is expected to arrive in New Zealand within the week.

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