Brilliant Bananas!

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It has often been said that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but on closer inspection you may well be better off with a banana. We’re spreading the word about how a banana can bolster global morale, and maybe even raise our IQs!
The Potassium in bananas has also been demonstrated to improve brainpower, positively affecting students instructed to eat bananas three times a day. The regimen improved performance and attention proving once and for all that bananas boost brainpower, making them the perfect snack choice for professionals and students alike.
The other little known benefit of bananas is the effect they can have on your mood. Bananas contain a chemical known as Tryptophan, which contains protein levels that can regulate your mood and relax your brain. Many sufferers of depression have learnt to incorporate bananas into their daily routine, finding it makes a difference to their mood day to day.
These benefits combined with the energy caused by the naturally occurring sugars in bananas make it a super food with which to revive the economy – we say, let’s build a better future on bananas!