How to get the most from your bananas

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We all know bananas are delicious and healthy, but taste is just the tip of the iceberg. Here are a few ways to get more than just a snack from your banana:

1. Eat a banana after a big night out. Due to their high Potassium content, bananas are brilliant for soothing a sore head after an evening of overindulgence!

2. If you ever find yourself in need of an emergency water filter, grab a banana skin. The peel absorbs toxins such as the heavy metals found in industrial waste, and purifies the water.

3. Need a quick beauty fix? Mashed banana makes a great facemask, leaving skin feeling moisturized and soft.

4. Nature lovers will find that an overripe banana in the garden attracts various bird and butterflies species with minimal effort.

5. If you’re worried you may have overcooked your Sunday roast, throw in a ripe banana, which will work as a tenderizer to the meat.

6. Buff up a shine with banana peel! Use banana skin to polish shoes, silverware and leather furniture, it’s an all-natural way to restore a gleam to tarnished items.

7. One for the gardeners – bury chopped banana peel around the base of your plants, and you should find it completely deters aphids.

8. Keep your smile bright, rub banana peel over your teeth in circular motions for 2 minutes a day, and get naturally whitened teeth.

9. Splinter removal! It may sound strange, but the enzymes in a banana help draw out a splinter. Simply attach a small piece of banana skin to the affected area.

10. If you’re OK with looking a little weird, placing banana peel across your forehead can help remove a nasty headache.

Those are just ten of many alternative uses for a banana, peel and all. Stay tuned for more information and insights about our favourite fruit.