Logistic Partners launches new banana brand into UK

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Logistic Partners launches new banana brand into UK

Logistics and supply chain consultants Logistic Partners Ltd have been instrumental in launching a new banana brand – BanaBay – into the wholesale market in the UK.

BanaBay bananas are produced by one of Ecuador’s leading producers of high quality fresh fruit, a company with over 400 hectares of plantations which exports bananas to the US and Asia under world famous brands such as Fresh Del Monte.

Logistic Partners have teamed up with the producers to provide import services into the UK, including managing the shipping, ripening, refrigerated transportation, storage and distribution processes.

The first shipment of BanaBay bananas was imported into the UK in June last year. From an initial two containers, BanaBay is now importing five containers a week into the UK, enabling the company to deliver continuity of supply on a six days per week basis to its rapidly growing customer base of wholesalers and independent traders across the UK.

Mark O’Sullivan, Managing Director of Logistic Partners (pictured) commented, “This is an exciting new project both for Logistic Partners and for BanaBay. Customer demand is increasing based on the consistent high quality of the produce, with timely and reliable delivery on the back of effective supply chain management. As a new player in the marketplace without huge overheads, we can offer flexible pricing and agile service. We aim to challenge the established banana brands with BanaBay, targeting ambitious growth in the marketplace.”